The Philippines will receive more than $1 billion from Japan for power sector and Mindanao development and loan packages. The aid, committed by Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, includes the $450 million power sector infusion, $72.3 million Pasig-Marikina riverbank improvement and flood control and PHP 31 million ($625,000) grant for 12 Mindanao projects. According to Abe, Japan will continue to support the Philippines? development as he expressed satisfaction on how a Japan-funded railway project improved Filipinos? lives. The PM added that he wants to foster improved economic and political relations between the Philippines and Japan, batting for the early ratification of the Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement. However, Philippine ambassador to Tokyo Domingo Siazon said that Japan expressed concern over human rights violations and political killings, which the Japanese parliament might raise as an issue in the grant of assistance to the country, saying that the government has already explained its stand and pledged to prosecute the perpetrators.

Source: Japan pledges $1-B development aid (Philippine Star)

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