Keep developing country tax reforms focused on the money

While tackling international tax evasion and avoidance is highly topical, for developing countries it is no substitute for a package of reforms which is proven to increase revenue from a variety of sources. Paul Davies, director of revenue reform at Adam Smith International, offers his insights in this opinion piece.

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About the author

  • Paul Davies

    Paul Davies is Adam Smith International’s director of revenue reform and is responsible for all of Adam Smith International’s revenue reform work around the world. For the past 17 years he has managed multimillion, multiyear, multidisciplinary projects for a wide range of governments and donors in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. He was one of the first consultants to be active in Afghanistan in early 2002, and from 2004 directed DfID’s flagship program of reform and restructuring of the Revenue Department of the Ministry of Finance in Afghanistan.