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LONDON — Keeping up with the fast moving changes in the U.K. aid sector is a challenge.

The creation of the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office has raised huge questions around the future governance of U.K. aid, and many of these changes are still in the process of unfolding.

UK Aid Tracker

Keep up to date on key issues surrounding U.K. aid. Head to the tracker.

To help development professionals keep track of the latest movements, Devex has put together a tracker on key issues surrounding the new department, which we’ll keep updated as new information emerges.

Use it to follow the latest news on:
• Scrutiny of U.K. aid, including the future of the International Development Committee and the Independent Commission for Aid Impact.
• The upcoming Integrated Review of Security, Defence, Development and Foreign Policy, which is expected to shape the work of the new FCDO.
• Announcements on FCDO’s strategy and leadership.
• Cuts to the U.K. aid budget.
• Governance issues, including legislation and the OECD-DAC rules.
• And the dispute over an alleged lack of government consultation on the merger.

Find our tracker on developments in U.K. aid.

This article was last updated on 3 February 2021

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