Microfinance offers to poor/unbanked/financially underserved people rapid access to a diverse range of basic financial services such as loans, savings, money transfer services and microinsurance in order to run their businesses, build assets, ensure smooth self-consumption, and manage risks. Different types of financial services providers for these type of customers have emerged: non-government organizations; credit cooperatives; community-based development institutions like self-help groups and credit unions; commercial and state banks; insurance and credit card companies; post offices; etc. The financial products and services offered to these types of customers have proven to be a powerful instrument for facilitating access to finance, self-economic empowering and poverty alleviation, enabling them to build assets, increase incomes, and reduce their vulnerability to economic stress. While the internet and the public/university libraries provides for an abundant literature presenting THEORIES related to a professional and performant microfinance management, the managers, practitioners, experts and everyone else interested are facing BOTH a scarcity of REAL LIFE MICROFINANCE BEST PRACTICES (papers, manuals, procedures, systems, models, practical case studies, web-links) as well as non-uniform and sometime confusing standards. Therefore I created the MICROFINANCE BEST PRACTICE group (http://www.linkedin.com/groups?home=&gid=3040764&trk=anet_ug_hm) , with the aim of facilitating exchanges of thoughts, papers, manuals, procedures, systems, models, practical case studies, web-links, etc. presenting REAL LIFE, IMPLEMENTED BEST PRACTICES that can be REPLICATED into other FUTURE REAL LIFE MICROFINANCE UNDERTAKINGS. By joining the Microfinance Best Practices group all members MUST comply BOTH to the group’s POLICY and BEST PRACTICES DEFINITIONS, otherwise they will face the risk of being blocked and eventually removed from this community. George Staicu-Group Founder & Owner Senior banking & microfinance consultant



      1. Microfinance Best Practices - Standard / basic definitions & Cross-cutting issues

      2. Microfinance Best Practices - Church & Charity promoted microfinance institutions

      3. Microfinance Best Practices - Microfinance versus banking

      4. Microfinance Best Practices - How to set-up a MFI

      5. Microfinance Best Practices - Donor fundraising

      6. Microfinance Best Practices - Corporate governance; Owners / Board responsibilities

      7. Microfinance Best Practices - Strategic planning

      8. Microfinance Best Practices -  Products and Services

      9. Microfinance Best Practices - Customers, Markets & Marketing

      10. Microfinance Best Practices - Human Resources development

      11. Microfinance Best Practices -  Internal control, Internal audit, External audit;

      12. Microfinance Best Practices -  Enterprise Risk Management

      13. Anti Money Laundering

      14. Basel II for MFIs

      15. Microfinance Best Practices - Asset & Liability Management

      16. Microfinance Best Practices -  Financial – Accounting - Performance management;

      17. Microfinance Best Practices - Branch network performance management

      18. Microfinance Best Practices - Information Technology, MIS & Management reporting

      19. Microfinance Best Practices - Regulation & transparency

      20. Microfinance Best practices – Education, training, internship opportunities

      21. Microfinance Best practices - Information sources

      George Staicu – Founder & Owner of the LinkedIn Microfinance Best Practices group

      Senior banking and microfinance consultant