Needed: More transparency in climate funding

A field of wind mills. A report by aidinfo and Publish What You Fund urges organization to make information on climate finance easily available. Photo by: Johnny Klemma / CC BY-ND

How can climate finance data be more accessible and useful?

Towards Climate Finance Transparency,” a study published by aidinfo and Publish What You Fund, says current systems reporting on climate finance are “patchy.” It says no one system offers data covering the extent, nature and effectiveness of climate funding, frustrating researchers in the process.

The report says boosting transparency and making information on climate finance easily available can help. It calls on organizations to strengthen their collaboration, and donors to provide detailed, accessible and timely data.

The report also asks Publish What You Fund to boost its coverage and discussion on climate finance, and encourage others to use the International Aid Transparency Initiative. It, however, says IATI should adopt several changes to include more information on climate finance.

As for the planned U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change registry, the report says it should gear toward a “decentralized” open data approach. The registry and the IATI should also try to complement each other for easier cross referencing.

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