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Career webinar: Networking

Networking for people who dread networking

By Devex Editor10 May 2013

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Networking is crucial in building a career in international development. It may help you land your first job or get you to your next.

Despite the benefits that such an exercise brings, many professionals dread the idea of networking. Some are just not adept at striking up a conversation when meeting someone new, or are just not comfortable “selling themselves.”

Devex recently hosted a webinar to help overcome that challenge. The webinar features Shana Montesol Johnson, a certified career coach whose past clients include professionals working at leading global development groups such as the Asian Development Bank, U.S. Agency for International Development, World Bank, World Health Organization, and World Vision.

In “Networking for People Who Dread Networking,” Montesol, aside from fielding questions from participants, discusses the following:

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