Neven Mimica backs 'strong and comprehensive' Addis agenda

By Richard Jones 10 August 2015

Neven Mimica, European Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development. Photo by: European Parliament / CC BY-NC-ND

For Neven Mimica, “one paragraph on tax coordination” was the only major sticking point that created a few tense days of heated negotiation in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Indeed, disagreement over the creation of an intergovernmental tax body that would enforce tax evasion and avoidance standards had threatened to derail negotiations and result in the third International Conference on Financing for Development ending with no final outcome document in place.

But for the European commissioner for international cooperation and development, even this was not “a major point of difference.” Mimica stressed that participants and partners in the negotiations came to Addis not to debate the creation of an intergovernmental tax body but to discuss ways to “make the U.N. tax committee more effective.”

Addis #FFD3: A taxing week

It's over, and it's agreed. The third International Conference on Financing for Development has its outcome document, the world has a financing framework for the post-2015 era, and most of us are heading home. Was the Addis conference worth it?

In an exclusive interview with Devex on the sidelines of last month’s #FFD3 conference, Mimica gave the inside track on the ups and downs of the negotiations, as well as the road ahead and the role the EU in this context.

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