New ADB office in Kashmir opened

    In anticipation of the release of $400 million in reconstruction aid to Pakistan, the Asian Development Bank opened a new Extended Mission office in Muzaffarabad, Kashmir. The fully-staffed facility will allow for easier coordination in rebuilding the quake-hit region, which is currently under the control of the Resident Mission in Islamabad, a remote office 110 km away from the site. Muzaffarabad is centrally located to provide access to the affected districts of Pakistan’s North West Frontier Province, as well as to the four districts of Pakistani-controlled Kashmir. The ADB has already delivered $183.8 million in assistance, with $72 million allotted for education, $69.3 million for transport, $27.5 million for the health sector and $14.9 million for the power sector. (Source: ADB opens office in quake-hit Pakistani-controlled Kashmir to coordinate relief efforts/Xinhua)

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