Millions of people are threatened by famine in Niger, the new military ruler said on Sunday in a message that contrasted starkly with his predecessor’s reluctance to talk about food shortages. Major Salou Djibo, who ousted President Mamadou Tandja in a coup on Feb. 18, also said the junta was committed to tackling impunity, corruption and the abuse of power during an unspecified transitional period before promised elections. Meanwhile, the junta in Niger has formed a transitional government of 20 ministers. The new military leader, Major Salou Djibo, has pledged to work towards restoring democracy. The junta, which now calls itself the Supreme Council for the Restoration of Democracy, says it wishes to make the former French colony a role model for democracy and good governance. Tandja was ousted after tinkering with the constitution. He attempted to stay in office as president past the end of his second term. (AP, Radio Netherlands)

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