Oxfam urges France to deliver aid promise

Oxfam International representative Charles Abani welcomed French president Nicolas Sarkozy’s visit to South Arica, indicating that the French leader’s trip is a perfect chance to reaffirm France’s pledge to spend 0.7 percent of its gross national product on aid by 2012. “In many countries around the world, France’s aid saves lives. Sticking to the 2012 target would mean increases in real development assistance of USD1.9 billion per annum starting in the 2009 budget,” Abani pointed out. “This would help save millions of lives in Africa and around the world, and maintain France’s reputation as a leading nation in the G8 and European Union in the fight against poverty,” he added. (Source: South Africa: Sarkozy Must Highlight Aid in Country’s Visit/Bua News)

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