Podcast: Changing the Face of Politics — listening to women leaders

Changing the Face of Politics podcast teaser #2.

In this second podcast teaser, Devex reflects on some of the highlights from recent episodes of the National Democratic Institute's “Changing the Face of Politics” podcast series.

In episode 7, Fauziya Abdi Ali, founder and president of Women in International Security, Horn of Africa, talks about redefining traditional concepts of peace and security.

Next, Abdi Ali interviews Věra Jourová in episode 8, who discusses women’s political leadership in Europe given her role as vice president of the European Commission for Values and Transparency.

And in the final excerpt, Devex listens to Roya Rahmani, Afghan ambassador to the United States, give insights about why she thinks some women prefer to avoid the spotlight that comes with being a leader.

Listen to all the episodes of Changing the Face of Politics to join the conversation, and view the first podcast teaser featuring Bi-Khim Hsiao, Mimoza Kusari-Lila, Nighat Dad, and Seyi Akiwowo.

Visit the voicesofchange.devex.com series for more coverage on how far women have come in changing politics, how much more needs to be done — and importantly, how women from all generations and walks of life can work together to make women in politics the norm. You can join the conversation using the hashtag #VoicesOfChange.

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