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BARCELONA — Global development professionals should pursue lifelong learning in order to prepare themselves for future changes in the sector, according to Ebony Lee, managing director of graduate programs at 2U, an educational technology company that works with nonprofit colleges and universities to offer online degree programs.

There is an increasing demand for new roles that are cross-disciplinary and incorporate more technology, data, business, and analytics, Lee said.

“Some jobs are here now that were not 10 years ago,” she said, explaining that this requires those working in the sector to continue building their skill set to be better equipped to do the job required at the highest level.

And for those entering the sector?

“It’s important to go into the field knowing you can’t predict exactly what you’re going to need, but you can arm yourself with a variety of skill sets that will prepare you for the unknown,” Lee said, citing collaboration and the use of technology and data.

Online learning is one way of building that skill set. Working with people remotely, collaborating through different modalities, and engaging across cultures and timezones, are hugely important in international development, Lee said.

Through the audio series, DevProWomen2030, Devex is speaking to women professionals to find out how changes across the development landscape are impacting women and what advice they have for those entering this space or looking to climb the ladder.

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