Polman: Aid Industry Perpetuates Humanitarian Crises

The multibillion dollar aid industry has made humanitarian crises worse as emergency aid has served as funding sources for rebel regimes, war correspondent Linda Polman wrote in her latest book on humanitarian aid.

“Should international non-governmental organisations (NGOs) carry on providing relief if warring factions use aid for their own benefit, thus prolonging the war?” Polman said in her book, as reported on IPS.

In ‘With Friends Like These (De crisiskaravaan) - The untold story of humanitarian aid operations in war zones,’ Polman talks about how foreign aid has indirectly supplied cash to violent regimes and how the aid sector has cultivated a lifestyle of “international jet set.”

Polman said: “In humanitarian territories, restaurants, squash courts and golf and tennis facilities are often reconstructed sooner than bombed-out schools and clinics. Wherever aid workers go, prostitution soars.”

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    Tarra Quismundo

    Tarra Quismundo joined Devex Manila as a staff writer in October 2009 after more than six years of working as a reporter for the Philippine Daily Inquirer, a nationwide daily, for which she covered major breaking news in politics, military, police and international affairs. Tarra's Devex News coverage focuses on key Asian donors and top aid officials around the globe.

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