Regional Program Development Officer

    Development Professional with more than20 years of rich experience in managing Family Planning and Reproductive Health program including MCH, HIV/AIDS Control, Infectious diseases Control , TB  & Malaria Control etc beside social welfare / development projects & programs of Women Development. Girl Child Protection & Development. I have been working on macro level programs designing, strategic Planning, management, operation, monitoring & evaluation and systems development, hiring of staff, capacity building of staff & Stake holders’ involvement with result based management background.

    During my service career I have worked with communities, NGOs, INGOs, Federal and Provincial Govt:s and in Tribal areas in NWFP of Federally Administrative Areas ( FATA) in Pakistan .

    I have vast experience in launching projects from scratch as well as implementing mega projects / programs on broader level of multi social welfare / development nature in Pakistan. In addition I have worked for Afghan and Kashmiri Refugees rehabilitation, settlement , Relief programs which included Health Care, Family Planning & Reproductive Health, Education, Watson, infrastructure development, Women Empowerment & their skills development, Girl Child Development Poverty Alleviation beside for Earth Quake affected communities, Displaced and war affected, migrants population  in NWFP and Pakistan held Kashmir on macro level.