'Relationship building can take years:' NGOs on engaging with DFID

The London offices of the U.K. Department for International Development at 22 Whitehall. Photo by: Civil Service Rainbow Alliance / CC BY

LONDON — In days gone by, if the U.K.’s development sector wanted a hearing from the government, it would have sent delegations to visit officials at Westminster or persuaded a sympathetic member of parliament to ask a question in the House of Commons.

This still happens of course, but times are changing, and nongovernmental organizations are finding new ways of engaging with government.

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  • Russell hargrave

    Russell Hargrave

    Russell Hargrave is a freelance journalist and political consultant, with a special interest in development, migration, and finance. As well as Devex, he writes regularly for Public Finance, the Church Times, and politics.co.uk. He is the author of "Drawbridge Britain," a book about immigration since World War II, and advises the Liberal Democrats on refugee policy.