Secretary Clinton on Smart Power

    EDITOR’S NOTE: Increasing smart power, which involves civilian-led development and diplomacy tools, will allow the U.S. to achieve its goals in Afghanistan, according to U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The secretary’s efforts to elevate development and diplomacy will help protect U.S. economic and national security interests, says Jordan Smith of the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition.

    Secretary of State Hillary spoke yesterday on the need for an increase in the Smart Power, civilian-led tools of development and diplomacy in winning the war in Afghanistan. U.S. goals in Afghanistan include providing the government with the support it requires to assume full responsibility for security the country. “That makes civilian efforts as vital as military operations and of longer duration,” she said. “We have begun to elevate diplomacy and development alongside defense in our national security strategy, and we are certainly engaged in doing so in Afghanistan.”

    Secretary Clinton gave a personal touch to her point, outlining the importance of civilian expertise:

    Smart power means development and diplomacy-along with a strong defense-are three essential, distinct components of foreign policy. With Secretary Clinton’s efforts to elevate development and diplomacy will go a long way to protecting our national security, ensuring economic progress and demonstrating our humanitarian values. That’s exactly why the USGLC is honoring the Secretary Monday night, December 7, at its annual Tribute Dinner.

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