Singleton: DfID’s Condom Scheme in Uganda Will not Work

    Telegraph columnist Alex Singleton expresses doubts about the effectiveness of the Department for International Development’s move to distribute 45 million condoms and some implantable and oral contraceptives to Uganda.

    In his May 25 column, Singleton argues that “few of the promiscuous men…are going to happily accept contraceptives from community leaders, because it would damage their pride.”

    Furthermore, he articulates that women who opt to use contraceptives might experience domestic violence from their husbands, who could accuse these women of infidelity and stepping on men’s role regarding family planning issues.

    Given the multiple sexual partners of men in Uganda, Singleton also notes that the initiative is not sustainable.

    “45 million condoms for a population of 33.3 million means little more than one condom for every citizen per year,” he says.

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    • Chiden Balmes

      Chiden, a correspondent based in Seoul, focuses on computer-assisted reporting to provide international development professionals with practical business and career information. He also contributes to the Development Newswire and the Global Development Briefing, two of the world's highest-circulation development publications.