The future of public, private sector and NGO collaboration in global health

The future of public, private and NGO collaboration in global health

There’s a firm consensus among global health experts that collaboration between the public and private sectors and NGOs is crucial to address emerging global health issues.

In this Google Hangout, Devex’s Michael Igoe reached out to representatives of different organizations who share the importance of leadership in cracking the tough health problems.

“Collaboration, to be successful, depends on leadership,” said Jami Taylor, senior director at Janssen.

Moz Siddiqui from the GAVI Alliance agreed, and suggested tapping more into local leaders who are better versed with understanding the specific challenges of bringing together organizations.

Watch the above clip to learn more about how to convene different stakeholders and the significance of “innovation in thought” from this conversation joined by UNFPA’s Sennen Hounton and GlaxoSmithKline’s Ramil Burden.

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