The truth about cover letters: What do recruiters really think?

An excerpt of the webinar “The truth about cover letters: What do recruiters really think?” Devex Career Account members can watch the full recording below.

Cover letters often raise a lot of questions for job seekers: who should you address it to? What is the appropriate length? And what exactly should you include? You might also find yourself wondering how important cover letters are and if anyone even reads them.

While your CV remains the most valuable document in your job application — and there is no guarantee a recruiter will read your cover letter — it is worth taking the time to make sure it is properly thought-out and well written.

Kate Warren, Devex senior director and editor, talks us through the cover letter process in this exclusive Devex webinar. Our in-house expert when it comes to careers and recruitment, Warren weighs in on the importance of cover letters and what recruiters are really looking for.

“A lot of people think of their cover letter as their opening document but actually, it is really more your closing document,” she shared. “A recruiter wants to look at your CV to make sure you have the skills and qualifications that they are looking for before taking the time to look at your cover letter.”

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