Top Arab bilateral donors and development NGOs: A primer

A girl holds a box of relief supplies given by Dubai Cares. Photo by: Dubai Cares

The Arab world appears in the midst of massive changes as disenfranchised citizens in several Middle Eastern and North African countries push for more democracy and economic opportunity. Whatever the outcome of these revolts, aid from Arab multilateral, bilateral and non-governmental institutions will be crucial to rebuilding and fostering a more progressive Arab union.

Despite the region’s own development challenges, Arab aid institutions have been operating for more than four decades now, funding development programs in and outside the Arab world. Africa, Asia and other parts of the world have benefited from the development aid. Here are some of the more prominent bilateral and non-governmental organizations in the region, as well as their origins and objectives.

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    Derya Deniz

    Derya Deniz is an independent international relations analyst who has worked with several Turkish NGOs and international organizations, including as a research officer for the Permanent Observer Mission of the OIC to the United Nations. She holds a bachelor's degree in political sciences and international relations, and speaks Turkish, English and Arabic.

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