Top employers in agriculture and rural development: A primer

Rice farmers harvest rice seedlings for planting in Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines. Photo by: Joaquin Bobot Go / ILO / CC BY-NC-ND

Sustainable agriculture and rural development are vital factors in tackling global poverty. The Sustainable Development Goals include eliminating global hunger and achieving food security with sustainable agriculture. But with the global population growing so rapidly, and climate change causing devastation to much agricultural land, achieving this won’t be easy.

Until a decade ago, development initiatives were aimed at aiding people out of the agriculture sector and into manufacturing and service sector jobs. However, the 2008 food crisis put agriculture back in the forefront of global development agendas. In 2016, the United States government implemented the Global Food Security Act which was praised by numerous nongovernmental organizations for making food and agriculture a development priority.

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  • Lottie Watters

    Lottie Watters formerly covered career and hiring trends, tips, and insights. Lottie has a background in geography and journalism, taking a particular interest in grassroots international development projects. She has worked with organizations delivering clean water and sanitation projects globally.