A march held by Christian Aid in London. The organization is just one of the many international NGOs found in the city. Photo by: Church Mission Society / CC BY-NC-ND

Taking a job at an international NGO usually conjures up visions of working out in the field – in difficult conditions far away from family and friends. Yet that’s far from the whole story. Some of the most dynamic and interesting work for aid agencies can be based in cities where changing the world doesn’t mean going to the ends of the earth.

One of the most exciting places to be working at the moment is London, thanks to its vibrant research and advocacy community and multiple international NGO headquarters.

About the author

  • Glenda Cooper

    Glenda Cooper is based in London, where she covers U.K. aid reform and the vibrant NGO sector for Devex. Glenda has worked for the Washington Post and several other publications, as well as for Save the Children as the U.K. team's media manager. She has spent a year's fellowship at Oxford University researching the relationship between aid agencies and the media, and has since been pursuing a doctorate examining how new media is changing the reporting of disasters.