UN official urges proactive mgt of dev't funds

    Stuart C. Gilman, who heads the Global Programme Against Corruption in the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, conceded that development funds are “not as closely guarded” as donors and aid agencies would have wanted. Gilman called on the international community to take a more proactive approach so as to ensure proper use of aid. He said: “It’s not enough to dump a ton of money on a country that has an earthquake. It’s not enough to send 10,000 bags of rice to a country that just had a tsunami.” Gilman, who recently visited tsunami-hit Aceh in Indonesia, said. “It’s not enough to do any of these without having some … control to know that if we’re dumping rice, that it’s going to go to people to feed them rather than being diverted for a thousand and other uses and sold on the black market to do whatever with,” he added. (Source: UN Official: Development Funds Not Guarded ‘As We’d Like’/The Associated Press)

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