UN official wants more spending on climate change

United Nations Environment Program head Achim Steiner said that governments should try to put some of the public funds for addressing the threat of recession into projects for climate change and energy efficiency. “How can some of the economic stimulus now being considered be used for win-wins?” he said. “Could some of the funds be spent on phasing in renewable energy?” Technologies for renewable and efficient energy have taken center stage in the global affairs discussion. The UNEP Year Book 2008 gave primary focus on how international markets and finance can be used to combat climate change and its effects. But it underscored the need for a deeper involvement by governments in efforts addressing climate change. “What has been missing so far is the political will and policy coordination that is needed to unleash the full creative capacity of the private sector,” the report said.

Source: Spend money to aid economy on climate -UN official (Reuters)

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