UNFPA support: Where is the money going and coming from?

By Anna Patricia Valerio 29 June 2015

Women line up to receive HIV and cervical cancer counselling and testing as well as family planning services provided by the United Nations Population Fund in Uganda. The organization launched a transparency portal that shows information about its 2014 operations. Photo by: Omar Gharzeddine / UNFPA / CC BY-NC-ND

Last week, the United Nations Population Fund launched a transparency portal that shows important information about how the U.N. agency spent contributions from its donors in 2014.

While UNFPA — which is not funded by the U.N. regular budget and is instead supported by donor governments, intergovernmental organizations, private sector groups and foundations and individual donors — has long made financial data about its operations available to the public, the transparency portal was the first effort to present income and expenditure figures in a way that is “easily viewed and digestible,” Hanno Ranck, UNFPA’s online communications manager, told Devex.

According to Ranck, the launch of the tool was also meant to coincide with UNFPA’s strategic plan for 2014-17, which lays out the direction the U.N. agency plans to take in the next few years.

A cursory look at the 2014 data shows some general insights: UNFPA ($561 million) remained the largest implementing agency of its projects, with nongovernmental organizations ($131.9 million) and governments ($123 million) trailing at a far second and third. Most of the UNFPA money was spent on integrated sexual and reproductive health services ($500 million), with family planning ($211.1 million) claiming the biggest chunk of this sector.

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