Video: A sugar tax to tackle NCDs?

A sugar tax to tackle NCDs? Via YouTube

NCD commission split over sugar tax

More involvement from heads of state and a fund to catalyze financing are among the recommendations in an expert report on combating noncommunicable diseases such as cancer and diabetes. The group stopped short of backing a tax on sugary drinks, a reflection of the rifts between its members.

The World Health Organization believes imposing a tax on sugary drinks and other refined sugar products could help tackle noncommunicable diseases. But is a so-called "sin tax" — also referred to as a “health tax” or “STAX” (sugar, tobacco and alcohol tax) — just a bandaid for a much bigger problem? Does it disproportionately impact poorer people? And is it unfairly punishing an industry? Watch above as Devex takes a closer look.

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