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How to network successfully online. Devex Career Account members and Pro subscribers can listen to the full event recording below. Via YouTube.

In a highly competitive job market such as global development, where many positions are filled before they are even advertised, networking is critical in finding out about new opportunities and gathering intel on organizations of interest.

However, networking isn’t just something you do when you are actively looking for a job. It’s really about “life-long relationship building” and thinking about how you can help others, said career coach Caroline Korda Poole.

With the pandemic-era shift to remote working and online events, the ways in which professionals can build their network have changed. But there are still plenty of opportunities to connect with others working in the sector, and the focus should always be on what time, help, or expertise you can offer them, Korda Poole explained.

Highlights from this event include:
• Why networking shouldn’t just be a priority for job seekers.
• How to reframe your approach to networking.
• How to become a “go-giver” and add value to organizations.
• Tips for making connections and maintaining relationships from afar.
• How junior professionals and career transitioners can make connections in a new sector.

Speakers: Caroline Korda Poole, career coach, Centered Career
Moderator: Emma Smith, reporter, Devex

Watch the full online event: How to network successfully online

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