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There have been large financial investments to support the global COVID-19 response — in addition to health, economic, and social challenges created by the pandemic. But a lack of transparency and accountability around funding announcements means it is difficult to know who is responsible for the delivery of these funds, how and where they are being delivered, and who they aim to benefit.

When conducting a regional or global analysis of coronavirus funding, the difficulties of funding transparency that exist at the country-level are magnified.

For organizations responding to the pandemic, lack of funding transparency creates a risk that they won’t have the information required to form a coordinated response — and allocate resources effectively. The longer these challenges occur, the greater the accountability issues down the line when assessing the efficacy of aid.

With COVID-19 affecting lives and decisions today, waiting for better is not an option. To support funders, Devex convened a webinar exploring what can be done to increase transparency around COVID-19 funding.

Highlights from this webinar include:
An overview of the COVID-19 funding landscape including donors, instruments, and how the data can be used.
• Challenges from past funding collection exercises to avoid.
• A call to action for funders to improve their data —  and assist themselves and other decision-makers in building evidence-based policy.

Raquel Alcega, associate director of analytics, Devex
• Janeen Madan Keller, assistant director of the global health and senior policy analyst, Center for Global Development

Lisa Cornish, senior reporter, Devex

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