Webinar: Cover letters 101

An excerpt of the webinar “Cover Letter 101.” Career Account members can watch the full recording below.

While your CV is the most important document to your job search success, the cover letter could be the thing that helps seal the deal and get you that all important interview. It is difficult to know how much time a recruiter will actually spend reading it, but, not having a compelling cover letter could mean you are missing out on some great career opportunities.

A cover letter is really your closing argument says Kate Warren, executive vice president at Devex, who joins us for the third and final webinar of our Job Search Bootcamp series. While your CV or resumé details your experiences and qualifications, a cover letter helps the recruiter get to know you a little better and see how you express yourself. “They are really looking to understand your motivations for the job and the employer — why do you want to work for them, why do you want this job?” says Warren.

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