WFP needs $1.7M for Iraqi refugees

The World Food Program calls for $1.7 million in aid to feed Iraqi refugees in Syria. “Up to mid-2006, many Iraqi refugees entering Syria had adequate resources to cover their needs,” said the agency. “As targeted violence continues in Iraq, the number of those fleeing and arriving unable to sustain themselves is rapidly increasing.” At present, Syria is hosting one million Iraqis, many of whom are forced to take up illegal and exploitative jobs. The WFP currently provides food assistance to 7,000 people and plans to help 2,500 more each month until the end of the year. The arrival of Iraqi refugees in Syria has nearly doubled to about 40,000 this month, and Syrians are feeling the strain in increased prices of housing and goods. (Source: UN Food Agency Seeks $1.7 Million To Feed Iraqi Refugees In Syria/AP)

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