What is your #GlobalGoals commitment? — Twitter chat with Devex and Johnson & Johnson

Global Goals Week Twitter chat by Devex and Johnsons & Johnson

The adoption of the #GlobalGoals by 193 world leaders showed us that addressing the world’s greatest challenges requires a global effort. We need stakeholders to work together in coming up with solutions to end poverty, fight inequality, and combat climate change by 2030.

Just a few days before the Global Goals Week kicked off, on September 13, Devex and Johnson & Johnson organized a #GlobalGoals Twitter Chat. We asked the global development community what they are doing now to take action for the Sustainable Development Goals and how they are creating impact in their communities, organizations, and beyond.

These and many other organizations took part in the conversation:

UN Foundation
Aga Khan Foundation
USAID Global Health

Read the highlights below.

Question one for Devex’s #GlobalGoals Twitter chat.

@JNJGlobalHealth Yes! With the work of global partners and advocates, the #GlobalGoals are famous. Now, it’s about action and commitments!

@gavi We've seen great conversations, inc @Rihanna on education & @ChelseaClinton on #GlobalHealth, but more people need to know! #GlobalGoals

@unfoundation The #GlobalDev community certainly made the #GlobalGoals famous! But there is still much work and awareness-raising to be done!
@plus_socialgood People around the world are using the #GlobalGoals framework to collaborate, innovate & push progress. We still have work to do though!

@markjotter I think so, and really hope so, but worry sometimes that social media is only making visible like-minded folks #GlobalGoals

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Question two for Devex’s #GlobalGoals Twitter chat.

@JNJGlobalHealth #JNJ #GlobalGoals Commitment aims to address environmental health, #CHWs, #SafeSurgery & more! Our 2030 Promise: https://goo.gl/Wo4DCY

@unfoundation Each of the #GlobalGoals are integrated and are part of a larger picture! #2030NOW pic.twitter.com/2OgLOHbl8I

@CARE Each goal is equally important, but we know empowering girls & women is central to lasting progress #GlobalGoals

@USPharmacopeia USP is committed to #SDG 3.8 "access to safe, effective, #quality, and affordable #essentialmedicines for all. #healthworkers #GlobalGoals
@OneYoungWorld #OYW Ambassadors are advancing all 17 #GlobalGoals! Read more about their work: http://bit.ly/2vHMDx0

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Question three for Devex’s #GlobalGoals Twitter chat.

@JNJGlobalHealth The private sector is stepping up for the #GlobalGoals! How we can deliver care during humanitarian crises https://goo.gl/Gew9H4

@unfoundation There has been plenty of progress! Check out 10 highlights from the latest #GlobalGoals report: http://bit.ly/2t8ilye 

@CARE Last year we helped 80M+ people in 94 countries, 48M of whom are women. #GlobalGoals

@IntraHealth In 2016 we trained 81,877 health workers in #FamilyPlanning, maternal& child health, #HIV, & other critical areas. #GlobalGoals Progress
@gavi #VaccinesWork & save 3 million lives every year. Millions of kids are alive & healthy thanks to the power of vaccines #GlobalGoals 

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Question four for Devex’s #GlobalGoals Twitter chat.

@JNJGlobalHealth One #GlobalGoals win is a win for all 17! Our #SDG Equation harnesses the power of good health, gender equality & partnerships.

@unfoundation The 17 #GlobalGoals rely on the success of each other!  Our #2030NOW dream is for all of them to be achieved.

@GirlUp Let's reach #2030NOW with the equation Gender + Education, because when girls are educated they are powerful #GlobalGoals 

@IntraHealth #HealthWorkers x #Education = meet the world’s need for 18 million more health professionals by 2030. #GlobalGoals 
@theG4Alliance Public + Private partnerships + political prioritization + global awareness = our dream #GlobalGoals equation! #UNGA72 #SurgeryUHC

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Question five for Devex’s #GlobalGoals Twitter chat.

@JNJGlobalHealth #GlobalGoals solutions must come from the grassroots level! How #GenH turns everyday ideas → real-world action

@unfoundation The #GlobalGoals are for everyone & should come from the grassroots level! Change starts when each person takes a step toward the #SDGs.

@plus_socialgood We need to do a better job of empowering local innovators. What is successful in one context may not be in others. #GlobalGoals

@gavi From #Ebola to #cholera, local outbreaks are a global threat - but with health systems & routine vaccination we can keep saving lives!
@climasphere Connecting more local actors to share lessons learned, so we can scale up impact on #GlobalGoals

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Question six for Devex’s #GlobalGoals Twitter chat.

@JNJGlobalHealth Civil society, local govts, young leaders & more! We need absolutely everyone on board to achieve #GlobalGoals on time.

@unfoundation The private sector has a role to play in the #GlobalGoals! We cannot reach the 2030 agenda without business involvement!

@CARE Since we're dreaming big, everyone! Citizens, govts, NGOs need to team up to achieve #GlobalGoals. Join us at http://careaction.org .

@OneYoungWorld We need #youngleaders to lead on the #GlobalGoals! That's why #OYW gathers together young change makers at our annual #OYW Summit.
@plus_socialgood Every citizen is important! We need everyone's resources and expertise to build a better world. #GlobalGoals

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