What were the hiring trends for global development in 2019?

Looking for a new job? Devex analyzes thousands of job postings from last year to reveal who was hiring, where, and for what kind of work. Photo by: Tumisu from Pixabay

Last year, an average of 6,500 jobs were posted on Devex’s job board each month. This data indicates some of the key hiring trends for 2019 — including where there was the biggest demand for development professionals, what types of organizations were hiring, and what skill sets were needed the most. The data could also indicate where the opportunities will lie for development professionals in the year ahead.

The numbers at a glance

• 41% of opportunities were for midlevel positions, 22% for senior roles, and 20% at the entry level.

• 6% of opportunities were internships — mostly with advocacy NGOs or associations.

• 42% of jobs posted were short-term contract assignments.

In terms of experience level, the largest share of opportunities was for midlevel roles, but job postings spanned the full range — from internships to senior positions.

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