What Would You Do if You Could See Impact?

    What if you could see where impact was happening (and where it wasn’t)?  What if you could tell if an area was already overcrowded with engagement?

      The BCLC’s Pakistan Mapping Project, pulled together in just three weeks, is one example of how we start doing just that.  While this is a great resource for responding to the recent flood in Pakistan, it is also a browser in development for use in other emergency response  applications elsewhere across the globe.

      And who knows, perhaps someday we’ll see this kind of tool being used by managers (corporate and otherwise) around the world as a dashboard to identify where are the markets that they can be involved in, where can they do well by doing good?

      Looking to implement a project like this or understand more about it?  The project leads shared their Top 2-3 takeaways:

    1. There were business stories told in each of the projects posted to the map

    2. How excited businesses and NGOs are in helping other people to understand what they are doing

    3. Balancing security concerns for the NGOs involved with development needs

    Re-published with permission by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce BCSC. Visit the original article.

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