What you need to know: Jobs in corporate social responsibility

A health outreach program by a corporation in India promotes giving back to the community by in which they operate. Photo by: Trinity Care Foundation / CC BY-NC-ND 

Twenty years ago corporate social responsibility was a relatively new concept that businesses perceived as marginal, expendable. Today, there is an increasing awareness and respect for CSR, giving rise to a heightened interest in a popular new job sector.

The good news: More businesses are taking CSR seriously, integrating responsible business practices into their mission, and as a result, jobs in the sector have increased in the last decade. The caveat: Interest in CSR jobs has outpaced the number of jobs available.

“There’s more demand for jobs than availability,” said Katherine Neebe, director of sustainability and stakeholder engagement at Walmart, who noted that both career opportunities and job seekers have increased since 2000, when she was looking for a CSR position. “It’s become a more competitive field.”

Nonetheless, it is an exciting time to enter a growing field, and with a little creativity, competitive job seekers will be rewarded with a fulfilling career.

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