What you should know about foreign aid recruiting practices

(From left to right:) Simi Kamal, Naeem Mirza, Gareth Aicken, Molly Kinder and Younas Khalid, during a discussion about a new Gender Equity Program funded by USAID. Global development programs require staff to be fully knowledgeable about the country the project is operating in, challenging development recruiters to step up their game in hiring locally. Photo by: Center for Global Development / CC BY

Last week, I hosted a Devex Hangout with recruiters from two organizations that will be attending the International Development Career Fair and Partnership Forum in Nairobi later this month. We focused our chat around how the trend of localization is affecting recruiters who are increasingly looking for local talent to staff their organization’s projects.

Sarah Issermoyer, recruitment manager of RTI International’s International Development Group and Samuel Gichuki, international staffing specialist for World Vision International shared their insider experience and tips on identifying, winning over and grooming development professionals.

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  • Kate Warren

    Kate Warren is Executive Vice President and resident talent and careers guru at Devex. With 15 years of global development recruitment experience advising international NGOs, consulting firms, and donor agencies, she has a finger on the pulse of hiring trends across the industry and insider knowledge on what it takes to break in.