Where are partnerships headed? Jim Thompson of the U.S. State Department assesses current challenges in building partnerships.

A decade ago, only the U.S. Agency for International Development leveraged public-private partnerships as a business model, as part of the mandate of then-Administrator Andrew Natsios.

But Jim Thompson, director of innovation at the U.S. Department of State, told Devex Impact Associate Editor Adva Saldinger that there are now 23 federal agencies involved in some way in PPPs — a testament to how the last two administrations valued “working with and through others” to accomplish development goals and objectives.

And while Thompson expressed optimism about the future of PPPs and interagency participation, he admitted there remain “sticky issues” that still need to be resolved, such as the question of procurement versus partnerships, for example.

Legal authority is a gray area as well.

“No one has explicit authority to do public-private partnerships in their authorizing language except for the [U.S. President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief],” he said, noting the need for policies, guidelines and best practices to clear such ambiguities.

“We are an open door,” Jim Thompson, director of innovation at the U.S. State Department, tells Devex Impact Associate Editor Adva Saldinger.

While the department is drafting a new strategy that will clearly lay out partnership goals and objectives, Thompson stressed that his office is not the only venue for partnerships.

“We are an open door to the [State] department,” the innovation director said, adding that his office strives to find the right venue within the department for partners — public, private, nongovernmental organizations, civil society and universities — to connect with.

Watch the clips above to know in which areas the State Department are focusing on, what they are looking for in partners, and to learn more about the Global Partnership Week.

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