World Energy Outlook - IEA

The International Energy Agency (IEA) paints a grim picture of a tough and urgent global challenge to avoid the “alarming” climate change implications of soaring energy demand in China and India, the world’s fastest growing energy markets, which are the special focus of the 2007 edition in the award-winning World Energy Outlook (WEO) series. The report suggests that restricting global climate change within safe limits, as defined by the European Union, may be out of reach, at least at an affordable price. The influential WEO was published less than a month before nearly 200 countries meet in Bali, Indonesia, to try to launch two-year talks on a new, global deal to fight climate change. “There has so far been more talk than action in most countries,” the IEA said. “The consequences for China, India, the OECD (industrialized nations) and the rest of the world of unfettered growth in global energy demand are, however, alarming.” The answers to spiraling energy demand and carbon emissions included energy efficiency and a switch to low carbon alternatives to fossil fuels such as renewable energy.

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