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Feminist meetings in Latin America and the Caribbean were born in Bogotá thirty-six years ago as the most novel, diverse and powerful way of "meeting" among the feminists of the Region. In 2014, during the XIII Feminist Encounter of Latin America and the Caribbean (EFLAC) held in Peru, Uruguay was chosen as the venue for the XIV Encuentro, with the conviction that the country has all the conditions to organize it. The Meeting takes place in Uruguay has important connotations, the first is that more than 11 years ago there is no Meeting in the Southern Cone which prevents many women from participating because of the high cost of air tickets to other regions, this is why Sum that in the regional context, Uruguay is one of the countries that in recent years has advanced more in terms of recognition of women's rights. The main objective of the Meeting is to contribute to the strengthening of democracy in Latin America by incorporating the human rights of women from a feminist perspective into the agenda of States and societies, by providing a space for discussion and meeting among the various expressions of the feminist movement in Latin America and the Caribbean, as part of organized civil society.

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