• Organization TypeGoods Supplier
  • Founded1996
Adaptive Eyecare Limited is a UK company formed to research, develop and apply adaptive ophthalmic lenses. The company was founded by Oxford physics professor Joshua Silver in 1996 and is based in Oxford and London. The company has developed prototype adaptive spectacles that can correct both far-sighted and near-sighted people, and these spectacles have been trialled in several countries in Africa and Asia. The trials were supported in part by Adaptive Eyecare, and in part by the UK Government's Department for International Development as a public - private partnership. One aim of Adaptive Eyecare is to provide affordable corrective eyewear in the developing world, and to this end adaptive spectacles are designed to be manufactured to high quality but relatively low cost. The company is also developing adaptive spectacles specifically for presbyopes in more developed countries, as well as other specialised devices.