• Organization TypeAdvocacy NGO
  • Founded2009

African Sex Workers Alliance (ASWA)

The African Sex Workers Alliance (ASWA) is the Pan African alliance of sex worker-led organisations. ASWA was formed in 2009 with an initial membership drawn from 10 African countries. As of 2018, ASWA has members from 32 African countries. In the years since its formation, ASWA has increased in its reach, its power and its influence across Africa and around the world. The objective of the ‘Red Umbrella Strategy’ is to advocate and ensure the voices of African sex workers are heard and considered in African spaces that create laws and policies. Africa has made considerable progress in addressing HIV and AIDS in the region, with notable decline in new infections in many countries. Thus, ASWA seeks to undertake international and regional level advocacy targeting legislative bodies, policy makers and programme implementers with the objective of ensuring that the voice of African sex workers is present and heard. The objective of ASWA’s ‘Balancing the Scales’ strategy is to strengthen their organisational and operational structures to ensure that ASWA is able to deliver on this ambitious strategic plan. In the last strategic plan, ASWA registered and established its secretariat in Kenya as well as put in place its governance and management structures and policies. This strategy will ensure the building of a deeply engaged membership, a strong leadership structure for ASWA through the general membership meetings, the board and the secretariat, and a robust communication plan that brings ASWA closer to its members. The objective of ASWA’s ‘Spear and Shield’ strategy is to strengthen the skills and knowledge of the African sex workers movement. For ASWA to realise its vision for all sex workers across Africa, it is critical that African sex workers, African sex worker-led organisations, and the African sex workers movement have the skills and knowledge they need to be the designers and agents of their own change. Their skills and knowledge strengthening work is informed by the ever-changing realities of sex workers in Africa. The objective of the ‘Look and Learn’ strategy is to strengthen a culture and structure of continuous learning within ASWA. Consequently, they will put in place a participatory and easy-to-use learning, monitoring and evaluation system that will allow us to continuously learn from their work and share these lessons and experiences with the world.
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