Agency for Hydrometeorology (Hydromet)

The Agency for Hydrometeorology of the Committee of Environmental Protection under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan provides following information: Meteorology The weather: The temperature and air humidity Direction and speed of the wind Pressure Soil temperature at the surface and depths Number and shape of clouds Visibility, precipitation , atmospheric   phenomena Snow cover Reference information (Design characteristics) 1. Air and soil temperature Average monthly and annual Average maximum and minimum Absolute maximum and minimum Dates of first and last frosts Average decade temperature Soil temperature at depth 2. The wind Repeatability of wind direction and calm Average monthly speed Repeatability of different speeds Maximum 3. Air humidity The average monthly value of the partial pressure of water vapor, relative humidity, saturation deficiency 4. Precipitation Monthly rainfall Monthly amount of liquid, solid and mixed precipitation Maximum daily rainfall The average number of days with different precipitation 5. Snow cover The average decade, maximum and minimum snow cover height The average number of days with snow cover,  dates of occurrence and descent of the snow cover Stock of water and snow 6. Cloudiness Average monthly number of total and lower clouds Repeatability of clear and cloudy sky conditions 7. Atmospheric phenomena Average and maximum number of days with the different phenomena Frosty phenomena Weather forecast and forecast products Weather forecasts by points, areas , from 24 hours to 5 days About the weather at first hand , forecast on the site Monthly weather forecast Decade weather forecast Forecast advise for the season Daily hydro meteorological  bulletin Monthly review of hydro meteorological conditions on the territory of the Republic Storm warnings about dangerous and natural hydro meteorological phenomena   Hydrology Current Levels, water flow Water temperature Forecast products Consultation - advise on the accumulation of moisture reserves in the basins of the rivers of Tajikistan and expected water availability in the period of high water, according to data from February 1 to March 1 Forecast of water content of main rivers per month, vegetation period Forecast - advise for the season Pollution of the environment The level of atmospheric air pollution in Dushanbe and Kurgan- tube cities Characteristics of surface water quality by hydro chemical indicators Radioactive contamination levels of the natural environment Data of background concentrations of pollutants in ambient air and surface waters  
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