• Organization TypeIndependent/None, Association
  • Founded2017

Agentes Agroflorestais Quilombolas (AAQ)

About They quilombolas in the Santa Rosa dos Pretos territory suffer from the grilagem and theft of theirlands by farmers and large companies, with the destruction of forests and streams by transnational companies, such as the mining company Vale SA These difficulties, which have plagued their territory for more 40 years old, has the consequences of impoverishing the population, as they gradually lose their means of subsistence; their physical and emotional illness due to the violations of rights committed by companies and farmers. With the arrival of mining companies and the reduction of their productive areas, deforestation, silting of rivers and streams and the lack of water, they decided to create the collective Agentes Agroflorestais Quilombolas, formed by young quilombolas. The core values ​​of the collective are: 1) the respectful relationship with nature; 2) the understanding that they, women and men, are part of it; and 3) the individual and collective autonomy that comes from the harmonious relationship between humans and other living beings: if they respect these beings and maintain harmony in relationships, they will not lack life and protection, and  they will not lack food and quality of life.
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Company Offices

  • Brazil
  • Itapecuru-mirim, Territorio quilombola Santa Rosa dos Pretos, Maranhao
  • 65485-000