In 2012, a team of ex ARM and Qualcomm engineers joined forces to revolutionize energy management of electronic devices and formed the company AGGIOS (stands for AGGregated IO Systems). Today, AGGIOS is the leading independent provider of energy management software and design tools for battery-powered and plugged electronic devices, ranging from mobile radios, over set top boxes to servers. In collaboration with our semiconductor partners, AGGIOS run-time software successfully manages millions of electronic devices world-wide prolonging battery life and reducing energy footprint. AGGIOS design tools assure designers that every micro Joule of energy is accounted for, resulting in highly efficient, smaller and cooler electronic devices. Software-defined platform management (SDPM) is an exciting new technology that enables innovation in how we design and manage power, energy and thermal characteristics of electronic devices. SDPM has three defining characteristics. First, SDPM abstracts higher-level platform behavior. Second, it separates the platform management plane from the processing plane. And third, SDPM consolidates the platform management plane, so that a single software platform manager controls multiple processing plane elements.  
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Company Offices

  • United States (headquarters)
  • Irvine
  • 5251 California Ave, Suite 120, Irvine CA 92617
  • California 92617