Agies SARL is a Civil Engineering and Environment company. It is located at 354 C, 4ieme Rue Limete Industrielle, Boulevard Lumumba - Kinshasa. Its social objects: - The carrying out by itself or in association or in agreement with third parties, of construction works, renovation, maintenance of buildings, studies and control of Construction works  - The execution of sanitation, development and beautification works, gutters cleaning works and all other works of community interest - Trade in all its forms of products, rental, import, export, exploitation of goods and services; storage, packaging and transport of all products assembled or manufactured in the Democratic Republic of Congo; - Purchase / sale of raw materials necessary for manufacturing or trade, Agriculture and Livestock, the implementation of new technologies. - AGIES SARL may perform any activity relating directly or indirectly to the corporate purpose and generally carry out all financial, commercial, movable or immovable acts and operations relating to its purpose and which may bring about its development or facilitate its achievement, - May also be interested in contributions, mergers, subscriptions or in any other way in all companies whose corporate purpose is similar to its own, related or even simply useful for its realization. Its area of ​​competence is: - Constructions and renovations, building maintenance, studies and inspections of construction works, etc.  - Sanitation and Planning, Beautification, Cleaning of gutters - Water supply, environmental protection, etc.) - General trade, rental, import, and export, exploitation of goods and services; storage, packaging and transport
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Staff at AGIES have experience in


  • private sector development
  • development
  • project support
  • medicine
  • biodiversity


  • south sudan
  • kenya


  • managerial experience
  • international experience
  • with experience in conflict areas

Company Offices

  • Congo, The Democratic Republic of (headquarters)
  • 354 C, 4 ieme Rue Limete Industrielle, Boulevard Lumumba