Agri-Tech in China: Newton Network+ (ATCNN)


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The Agri-Tech in China: Newton Network+ (ATCNN) was established in response to challenges facing the agri-tech and agri-food sector in China and the existence of complementary expertise and capacity present in the UK. China is rapidly modernising its agricultural sector to feed its 1.4 billion population in the context of changing dietary patterns, increasing urbanization, water shortages, environmental degradation and an uncertain future climate. The Chinese Central Government has implemented a strategy that requires China to remain self-sufficient in staples and mandates no further increase in inputs to agriculture from 2020 to reduce the footprint of the sector. The UK is in a strong position to play an important role in helping China progress to smarter and more sustainable agricultural systems – ensuring its food security, while opening up huge opportunities for economic growth. ATCNN seeks to translate UK excellence in satellite imaging, remote sensing, smart sensors, robotics and data-intensive science into new solutions for productivity and sustainability in rural China. ATCNN will seek to support projects and activities that bring together business with academia and end-users across the UK and China through joint development of innovative products, processes or services for solutions to become self-sustaining. The ATCNN will develop a bilingual online knowledge hub and an online technology collaboration platform, as well as supporting research and development projects through Pathfinder, Proof-of-Concept and Research & Development awards to support UK organisations interested in developing innovative solutions to address critical challenges impacting the socio-economic growth of China’s agri-tech and agri-food sectors.

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