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Agricultural and Livestock Service (Servicio Agricola y Ganadero) (SAG)

It is the official agency of the State of Chile, in charge of supporting the development of agriculture, forests and livestock, through the protection and improvement of the health of animals and plants. To prevent the introduction from abroad of diseases or pests that may affect animals or plants and seriously harm agriculture, the Border Controls and zoo sanitary have been established . These Controls work at the places of entry into the country, either by land, air or sea. There the products, means of transport, passenger luggage, crew and commercial loads of silvoagropecuarian products (fruits, milk, cheese, etc.) are inspected to verify that they comply with the established sanitary regulations. When exporting animal or plant products, the SAG participates in its health certification, which is internationally recognized for having been developed based on norms and standards that regulate world trade. To achieve this recognition, agreements are signed with other countries. The SAG also carries out actions to conserve and improve renewable natural resources, which affect agricultural, livestock and forestry production, taking care to control the contamination of irrigation waters, conserve wild flora and fauna and improve soil resources, in order to prevent erosion and maintain productivity. Another function of the SAG is to control that the foods and medicines made for animals are safe and do not cause alterations in their health, and that the chemical and biological products used in the control of vegetable pests comply with their manufacturing standards. Very important to achieve this achievement has been the advantage of having an excellent sanitary condition of vegetables and animals of economic importance, which is considered a valuable national heritage. The Agricultural and Livestock Service is present in the national territory with: 16 regional offices, 66 sectoral offices, 96 border controls, phytosanitary and health zoo, and 11 diagnostic laboratories with advanced analysis technology.
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