• Organization TypeGovernment, Investment & Finance
  • Staff10,000+
  • Founded1930

Agricultural Bank of Egypt

ABOUT The state established the Egyptian Agricultural Credit Bank pursuant to Decree Law No. 50 of 1930 with a capital of one million pounds and the Royal Decree of the Egyptian Agricultural Credit Bank in 1931 during the global economic crisis to provide loans to Egyptian farmers to protect them from foreign real estate banks and moneylenders. The bank’s administration has been keen since the promulgation of Law No. 117 of 1976 And amend his name to "the main bank for development and agricultural credit" provided that the development bank provides the necessary support and financing to farmers for all types of agricultural crops and all activities related to agriculture as well as providing all banking services and financing Small and very small magnificence) and natural gas and biogas loans in particular   Law No. 84 of 2016 was recently issued, which stipulates that the main bank for development and agricultural credit be transferred to a public sector bank called (the Egyptian Agricultural Bank) that takes the form of an Egyptian joint stock company whose capital is entirely owned by the state, and has an independent legal personality, and its main center is the city of Cairo The major, and has all the rights of the main bank for development and agricultural credit and bears its obligations. According to this law, the Egyptian Agricultural Bank is subject to the provisions of Law No. 88 of 2003 the central bank, the banking system, and cash. The Egyptian Agricultural Bank aims to provide the necessary financing for various types of agricultural and rural development activities in accordance with the banking systems in effect within the framework of the state's public policy The Egyptian Agricultural Bank is one of the most important development institutions for agricultural activity in Egypt as it is one of the largest agricultural banks in the Arab world and the Middle East, as it has more than 1210 branches and a village bank covering all of the Egyptian country, in addition to having more than 4 million square meters of storage capacities allocated from them area of ​​2 One million square meters to receive local wheat from farmers. The number of shouns at the bank is 392, spread throughout the country The bank is constantly working to develop its performance, diversify existing services and create new services to cope with the requirements of successive stages and provide financial and financing services and other activities that are suitable for all rural and urban clients as well as providing support to the agricultural sector in all its fields to reach food sufficiency in order to complete the bank’s path The national in implementing the agricultural policy of the state and serving the national economy to achieve comprehensive development to suit the economic changes The bank applies the international principles and standards within the framework of the rules of disclosure and transparency, and the bank’s management carries out its activities within the framework of the general policy of the bank through its units spread across the governorates, cities and villages.
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