About The individual enterprise "Ak Hunji" is the founder of the idea of producing import-substituting construction materials made of expanded polystyrene widely used on construction sites in Turkmenistan. Today it is one of the largest domestic manufacturers of a wide range of expanded polystyrene building materials in the country. The head office of the enterprise is located in the Mary velayat - in the city of Mary. The mission of the company is to meet the needs of construction organizations and the population of Turkmenistan in environmentally friendly, economically profitable, high-quality and durable construction materials made of expanded polystyrene. The main activity of the company at this stage is the production of heat-soundproof and decorative materials made of expanded polystyrene. Namely polystyrene blocks and plates of 4 density grades, a wide range of decorative ceiling profiles of expanded polystyrene for interior decoration (60 types) and decorative profiles and architectural elements for facade decoration of buildings (more than 200 types), sandwich panels with a base of expanded polystyrene plates various thicknesses. The products of their company enjoy stable demand in the local market in all regions of Turkmenistan. It is widely used in the construction of children's preschool institutions, schools, housing, and it is in demand at other objects of social and cultural use, since the scope of this material in construction is very wide. A distinctive feature of our production is affordable prices, technical and economic indicators of quality (durability, safety, economic benefits in use, high quality indicators) and environmental cleanliness of the product, as well as the availability of a full package of permits for the production and use of our products in construction. The quality of their products corresponds to the level of world standards, as they are produced using new modern technologies with the application of international European experience on modern equipment of world famous manufacturers in Germany. The main raw materials for production are purchased from the largest producers from South Korea, Hungary, China - these are high-quality polystyrene granules of grade F, which, according to the international classifier, is fireproof, and self-extinguishing. Quality roll metal for the production of sandwich panels is purchased from large Russian producers. Manufacture and sale of manufactured products are carried out in strict accordance with the existing legislative norms, all manufactured products have quality certificates and are suitable for use and sale throughout Turkmenistan. The growing demand for their products gives an impulse for further development and expansion of production. Thanks to the course of the President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov aimed at intensive development of private business, the creation of favorable conditions for the development of entrepreneurship in our country and the support of manufacturers of import-substituting products, our enterprise has begun to expand and modernize the production and technical base of the enterprise on the basis of a new large-scale plant. Planned to be completed by the end of 2017, where the production process will be organized on the basis of s advanced world technologies with the application of international experience and skills of the most famous European manufacturers of expanded polystyrene products in order to produce competitive products. The company employs experienced and qualified personnel. In view of the narrow specialization of the technological process for the production of expanded polystyrene articles and the absence of special educational institutions of our production profile on the territory of Turkmenistan, all production and technical personnel is prepared by the company's own efforts through mentoring and transfer of experience. The average composition of employees at the enterprise is 85 people. The strategy for further development of the enterprise is carried out in accordance with the National Policy for Supporting the Development of Private Business, with the implementation of National Programs to increase the production of import-substituting domestic products and the production of an export-oriented range of finished products. Modern imported equipment and technologies in combination with the high qualification of the company's employees make it possible to guarantee the high quality of our products, which makes it possible to produce export-oriented products. To do this, the company has all the opportunities and desire to work on expanding the geography of product sales. Our company is interested in new contacts and in long-term partnership relations!
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Company Offices

  • Turkmenistan (headquarters)
  • Ashgabat
  • Mary, street