Al-Ashwal for Electric Trade and Agencies



  • Organization TypeGoods Supplier, Service Providers
  • Staff26-50
  • HeadquartersYemen
  • Founded2003
 Ashwal Group (commercial and industrial) is one of the most prominent business group and that contribute to a strong and effective in promoting local development and the assignment of the national economy, thus promoting a lasting partnership between the state and commerical sectors and the national industrial.   Effectively to meet local market needs, including in many service areas, which affect the public interest through government institutions or to meet the needs of local consumers in the sectors in which group because the group believes in a good specialization which provides a unique service and the competing product has divided the business into several sectors are integrated with each other to form a strong national economy.

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Company Offices
  • Yemen (headquarters)
  • Sanaa
  • Al-Ashwal For Electric Trade & Agencies-Head Office, Shoub Shoob St.Near Al-Kiada Cornen,Sana‘A (P.O.Box:20238-C.R.:7690)