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SMCC was established in 2001 as a joint venture with limited liability.  It is the pioneer in the field of contracting and the production of concrete that contribute effectively in this vital activity. It also helps in supporting the constructional growth that the republic of Yemen is witnessing using the latest means and the developed technology.  The company provides work opportunities for hundred of Yemeni labours. The company's main activities are as follows: Performing all works related to buildings contracting, housing complexes, hospital, hotels, and airports contracting. Manufacturing piles in all sizes and according to the international specifications. Engineering consultancies, designing and testing (soil, concrete, and iron). Implementing the structural works of roads, bridges, water rails.... etc Manufacturing and building prefabricated and cost effective precast housing units. In order to provide the management that is able to manage the various and the growing activities, SMCC employed qualified and experienced staff, Yemenis and foreigners, in the field of contracting.  The company also seeks the supports and consultancy from the international companies that are specialized in contracting and engineering consultancies .the company own various advanced machinery and suitable equipments for contracts that made the company processes its contracts in high efficiency.

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  • Hayel Saeed Anam Group of Companies Head Office P.O. Box 8662 Dubai, United Arab Emirates